Digital Innovation for Asaf

Digital innovation is an integral part of Asaf’s innovation path and thanks to this approach it is possible for us to operate in a dynamic and lean way with suppliers and customers.

At Asaf we strongly believe in the concept of open innovation according to which the skills and know-how of each party involved in the machinery production process are shared to generate the best possible output for the customer.

Ours is a modern approach that needs to be approved and assimilated by all the company staff, including the partners who contribute to the growth of the project.

In fact, every person who works in our company shares the values ​​of innovation and sharing because he believes that only all together can great results be achieved.

However, being aligned is not enough. A growth path of this type must also be managed in an optimal way because there are many variables to take into consideration.

In fact, correct management is only possible thanks to a wise use of digital means and the potential they offer.

What digital innovation means for Asaf

At Asaf we look at digital innovation as a set of technological, social, organizational, but above all cultural changes, which allow us to offer a quality output to the customer who had not yet experienced it before.

We believe that making a change of mindset like the digital one and continuing to approach with a mentality aimed at continuous learning is a real challenge for each of us who find himself carrying on the experience gained over years of work in the service of a new technology and that can exponentially increase results.

The transformation process is in fact carried out by the development of new technologies even if it is not limited to their mere adoption. It integrates and involves the entire ecosystem impacted by the process, encouraging transparency, sharing and inclusion of all participants.

This is the only way to create strong engagement throughout the company staff that can lead to lasting results.

As we maintain in Asaf, the human component is the main value that guides our every choice and that leads us to face the sector of the production of sheet metal cutting and bending machinery in a different way.

Human capital must be enhanced through innovative means and tools, which is why we use the most innovative digital systems.

This approach makes sharing and transparency its main feature.

The recipient of the single process, which can be the customer or a collaborator himself, will in fact derive greater benefit from it as he will automatically be part and center of the development of the project, thus obtaining a responsibility that leads him to give his best every day.

In fact, the growth of the individual is an integral part of business growth and we believe that digital is the right tool to achieve this result.

Digitize processes

If the processes must always be put in writing and in black and white so that everyone can access the information they need, it is also true that if these are entirely digital we greatly increase the usability of the same by the collaborators who compete in the realization of the project.

Giving everyone the opportunity to access and communicate in a streamlined manner is an essential component of business growth

For Asaf, digital innovation therefore leads to an improvement in the operational, collaborative and internal communication processes of the company and for this reason we attach great importance to content sharing and integrated communication systems, such as the 4.0 assistance systems integrated in all machinery.

Ultimately, we believe that innovating through the use of digital can not only benefit the business organization to improve internal processes and make them more streamlined and simple, but that it can ultimately give the customer a better output.

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