APHS-C: Customized to meet your individual needs

APHS-C, which is designed with a superior experience of Baykal Machinery for 20 years in press brake manufacturing, creates and alternative solution for the companies who prefers an economic budget.

Thanks to its monoblock welded body structure with static and dynamic rigidity, it provides a long operating life. APHS-C press brake converts your most sensitive works into perfect with reliable processes.

It brings profit to your company thanks to its economic, ergonomic and multi*functional usage.


Easy-to-use CNC system with complete bending computations and large tool library.

Ideal for multi-bending of complex forms, as well as for volume production which require constant repeatability.

Bend accuracy and repeatability at least five-fold higher than a conventional press brake.

Fully synchronised Y1-Y2 axes to ± 0.01mm via proportional valves and precision linear scales.

Very fast AC servo backgauge system controlled by CNC.

Euro-style top clamps with intermediaries and (available) quickrelease clamping.

Top tool: sectionalised gooseneck punch.

Bottom tool: sectionalised 4-V die.

High stroke and daylight values.

Extra deep (350/380 mm) throat gap.

Two front arms on linear rail.

Dual footswitch console with emergency stop.

Swiveling pendant arm.

Side and rear safety gates. (electrically interlocked and/or light or laser guarded)

Compactly-wired PLC electrics in ventilated cabinet.

Rigidly welded, monoblock machine frame for minimum deflection under load.

Ram travel fully supported in low friction slideways.

Options for tooling and crowning.


Controller type : Baykal EC4, 4-axis numerical CNC.

Controllable machine axes : Y1 - Y2 cylinder axes, 2 backgauge axes, Crowning axis.

Automatic identification of the best bend sequence numerically with collision detection.

2D graphic editor for tool data entry.

Programming of the axis positions with automatic checks; automatic calculation of the R-axis position, bending tonnage and crowning.

High memory capacity for program steps and tooling data, capacity for 7000 programs and 80-steps in each program, high product number and 99 repeats of each program step.

FREE 2D graphical programming software to work off-line to create graphical bending files which can be transferred to the controller by USB flash disk.

Product programming with direct angle input or in absolute dimensions. For each CNC program, the programmable and/or computed functions include : bending length/thickness, material selection, tooling selection, bend method, mute position, pinching point, press force/speed, incremental travel and retraction of backgauge, dwell time, delay time for axes repositioning, decompression speed, tilt adjustment, correction on Y and X axes.

Manual operation of backgauge axes.

16 selectable languages.

Memory storage on USB flash disk: information for tooling and programs.


  • (A) X-axis backgauge:

Travelling on ballscrews
AC-servo driven
With 2 micrometric finger-stops which have height and lateral adjustment
Range:  650 mm
Speed:  330mm/s
Positioning accuracy: +- 0.03 mm

  • (B) X-R axis backgauge:

Travelling on ballscrews
AC-servo driven
With 2 micrometric finger-stops which have lateral adjustment
X-axis : 650 mm
R-axis : 160 mm
X-axis : 350 mm/s
R-axis : 240 mm/s
Positioning accuracy
X-axis : +- 0.03 mm
R-axis : +- 0.05 mm 



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