Customer service, our guiding star

One of the essential elements that we have never questioned in Asaf was to provide the customer with the best possible assistance.

We are convinced that the customer must be at the center of our strategies and we believe that his satisfaction comes not only from having a perfectly functioning machine, but that he finds his completeness in having an extremely efficient customer service that can follow him in all phases. of the customer journey.

From the search for information, to the purchase, up to after-sales assistance, we are committed to following the customer through all the necessary means.

Producing sheet metal cutting and bending machinery means producing extremely complex equipment. We are talking about thousands of components and the assembly process is a delicate activity that requires the utmost care by the project managers, especially since the machines we sell are designed and built on the basis of the specific needs of each customer.

If the buyers include companies operating in sectors essential to the economy, it is essential to always give a perfect output.

Providing first-rate assistance is our mission that characterizes every choice made.

From assistance to the production process, and again to assistance

We design and manufacture all types of sheet metal cutting and bending machinery and we take care of all stages of the process following the agile methodology, i.e. in a continuous dialogue with the customer.

Ensuring a customer service that follows every step of the customer’s purchasing process step by step also means guiding him in the best choice of product.

When a customer needs to buy a machine, he can choose various specifications based on his needs and this means designing a machine with certain characteristics that meet his needs.

Helping him at this stage allows us to get the best in terms of efficiency and satisfaction, but we don’t stop there. We are present at all stages, even more so in the after-sales.

How we understand customer care

Each new machinery is equipped with systems belonging to Industry 4.0 which, in addition to guaranteeing important tax relief on the purchase, allows you to constantly monitor the use and health of the machinery.

If the customer encounters a problem, he can contact us in the way that is most convenient for him – from whatsapp, to e-mail, up to the classic call – and get the free advice he needs to restore the normal activity of the machinery.

If this is not possible for technical reasons, we will provide assistance by sending a technician to the office within a few hours.

Additional assistance services: machine configuration

We want the customer to have the best possible experience even in the information search phase.

Often in our sector it happens that due to complex procedures that lead to a request for a quote, the two parties do not understand the related needs, thus extending the purchasing process a lot with waste on both sides.

Our site and our customer care, on the other hand, have been designed specifically to follow the customer in the design phase, minimizing waste of time through a direct and personalized comparison.

The product is then made in a personalized way.

Agile assistance

All the improvements we have designed are designed to ensure an agile working methodology.

At a time like this, the customer needs quick answers, and to always be followed throughout the purchase process. The two parts are thus always up-to-date to avoid further waste of time.

The innovation processes we have brought to our modus operandi therefore guarantee us a totally innovative approach that we know is the right formula to pursue the improvements sought.

Our new site is the result of these values.