press brake

The machine tool used for bending sheet metal is the & nbsp; <em> press brake </em>, commonly used in the industrial and artisan sectors for the production of semi-finished products. Metal bending is the basic process in the production of objects and services that we commonly use in daily life: from furniture to electronics, from transport to telecommunications networks. Its applications are almost endless. Let’s briefly analyze the fundamental parts that make up the machine and its folding mechanism.

The hydraulic system (1), located in the upper part of the machine, is the beating heart that allows operation. The hydraulic system, transmitting the necessary energy to the two lateral cylinders (2), which are connected to it, pushes the upper beam (3) (where a punch is inserted) towards the fixed lower surface (4), which contains a mold ( called matrix). The sheet metal is positioned on the workbench, between the punch and the die (5) where the bending takes place. The entire process is controlled by a CNC control panel (6) and operated by a pedal

ON/OFF (7).partipressa

Punches and dies are mobile, replaceable tool accessories for any need. On the market you can find the most varied shapes and sizes, with very precise bending angles in order to customize the result of the bending: from round or shaped ones (the most common shapes are squares and rectangles) to more complex ones (such as hexagons , triangles etc ..). The punch can be simple (formed by a solid bar) or it can have a recess (called duck neck). The latter allows the bending of sheets that have been previously processed, the recess in fact offers the necessary space for any further bending.

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