Machining centers

ULISSE is the ideal machine for an industrial sector with increasing demands. 4-axis CNC includes a large operating area, the largest available in this sector, with a dimension of 700 x 300 mm. Available in the standard versions of 4, 7 and 9 meters, ULISSE can be extended up to 11 and 13.5 meters in length. In all sizes it can be made in the version with or without cabin with single or double work area. Special versions of this machine have been created for the processing of fiberglass, steel and all materials that can be machined with cutters. The tools are cooled with emulsified oil by means of pumps placed on the mobile carriage, but on request it can also be performed by a water-oil unit with a recycling pump.

ULISSE is an extremely versatile machine, it can be equipped with vacuum maintenance cabins complete with treated guides and dedicated components. Able to perform heavy work on steel, machining for the aeronautical sector or for particular materials that can be exposed to temperature variations. This machine is also available in larger sizes, to be able to process sandwich panels and PVC panels, complete with a clamping of 1,100 mm and rollers for supporting the profiles.


■ Length from 4 to 13 meters, with single or double loading area

■ Maximum load section 700 x 12,000 mm.

■ Powerful 500 mm blade that can be equipped with a 3 kW spindle.

■ Ideal for processing sectional panels, sandwich panels and PVC.

MODEL                                                           4.0                                                     7.0                                           9.0

Dimensions                                               6.300 x 3.100 x 2.400 mm             9.300 x 3.100 x 2.400 mm             11.300 x 3.100 x 2.400 mm

Weight                                                              2.800 kg                                          4.400 kg                                      5.200 kg

Power of the electric spindle                            5 kW                                                6,6 kW                                        9 kW

N. riferences of zero                                                     2 pneumatic                                                                           4 pneumatic

N. standard clamps                                         4 automatic                                      8 automatic                               10 automatic

Tool storages                                                   8 positions tool holders fixed on the carriage (expandable up to 30)

X axis                                                           4.420 mm                                          7.420 mm                                      9.420 mm

Y axis                                                               1.140 mm

Z axis                                                               490 mm

Axis acceleration                                              X 80 m/min  Y 60 m/min  Z 30 m/min



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