PUNCHING MACHINE  "FINN-POWER" TYPE A5 Express - 1250 x 2500 mm.- loading unloading system - USED YEAR 2003.


1) Turret punch A5

2) CNC Siemens 840D

3) Loading unloading system


1)The turret punch can punch sheets of maximum size 2500x1250x8 mm (min = 0.5mm-thick max.6mm) in Fe 52 / Fe 37.

 The sheet is held by three automatic clamps.

The cutting of the paper is by means of punches mounted on rotating turret is as follows: (FROM TOWER 20 MUTITOOL INCLUDES FIXED AND  INDEX).

2) SIEMENS 840D CNC Control: This control allows you to store multiple programs, NC, to oversee the security areas of the punches, to modify the positions of the tools, etc.. The control may be communicating with an external PC through a serial port (baud rate 9600) and receives data from the latter.

3) Loading Unloading system.

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