Automatic cutting line

  • Ensures high production standards
  • Its configuration allows for continuous processing
  • Ergonomics guaranteed thanks to the comfortable loading/unloading benches
  • Up to 8 loadable profiles

Conceived from Italmac's experience, IRONLINE is a cutting line dedicated to iron. Equipped with a 370 mm blade, a wide loading table and an automatic unloading table.

IRONLINE has been designed to meet the need for speed and increased production capacity while minimizing downtime. For these reasons, the loading platform favors ergonomics and allows to load up to 8 profiles simultaneously. An automatic arm advances and positions the profile which, after being cut, proceeds to the automatic unloading bench to be quickly picked up.  IRONLINE allows an optimization of cuts, equipped with a blade with adjustable rotation speed with self-cleaning brushes and is suitable for Industry 4.0 requirements.

Perfect for those who need to process bars in series and require high standards of productivity and efficiency.


Dimensions: 14400 x 3800 x 1800 mm

Weight: 5400 kg

Blade motor power: 3 kW – 400 V

Motor RPM: 50 - 150 rpm

Diameter of circular blade: 370 mm

Cutting angle: 90°

No. of loadable bars: 8

Unloading bench dimensions: 3000 mm

Loading bench dimensions:7000 mm

Max loadable profile length: 6500 mm

Min loadable profile length: 1000 mm

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