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THOR is the largest machining center on the market, dedicated to heavy operations with a machinable section of 450 x 550 mm. Available in 4, 9, 11 meters versions, it is particularly suitable for working steel and aluminum. Provided with powerful 20, 24 or 30 kW electrospindles, both asynchronous and synchronous, which guarantee maximum efficiency thanks to the liquid cooling system. The machine can be placed in the medium-heavy industrial sector. With this machining center, Italmac finds its place in the most performing mechanical workshops. THOR is a rigid center with a gantry structure with play recovery and hydraulically closing clamps, which guarantee a secure grip. It is also equipped with: a tilting head which, thanks to its hydraulic brakes, guarantees rigidity during machining, a tool change from 15 to 30 positions, an automatic tool feeler and a belt for evacuating metal chips. The cooled electrical panel, kept at a constant temperature and the sturdy mobile console give this center those extra elements to stand out.



■ For medium and heavy industry, suitable for iron, steel and aluminum processing.

■ Electrospindles very powerful both asynchronous and synchronous with a power of 20, 24 and 30 kW.

■ Imposing machining center that allows for stability and firmness in machining.

■ Workable section of 450 x 550 mm.


MODEL                                                                 4.0                                               9.0                                                            11.0

Dimensions                                              7.900 x 3.150 x 3.100 mm                     10.800 x 3.150 x 3.100 mm               14.800 x 3.700 x 3.300 mm

Weight                                                              8.500 kg                                               9.800 kg                                                    11.400 kg

Power of the electric spindle                                                                      20, 24 o 30 kW

N. references of zero                                     2 pneumatic                                                          4 pneumatic

N. standard clamps                                         8 automatic                                    10 automatic                                            12 automatic

Tool storage                                                              15 positions tool holder fixed on the carriage (expandable up to 30)

X axis                                                         5.450 mm                                           8.300 mm                                                    10.250 mm

Y axis                                                                                                      1.550 mm

Z  axis                                                                                                    790 mm

Axis acceleration                                                                                  X 60 m/min  Y 60 m/min  Z 40 m/min




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