Press brake and tools

press brake


Press brake is commonly used in industrial and craft metal workings, in particular for bending metal sheets. Bending metal is in fact one of the most important process for the production of goods that we use constantly in our everyday life: from furniture to electronics, or transports and communication. Its applications are rather unlimited.

Let’s analyze the main parts of this machine tool and how it works.

The hydraulic system (1), placed in the higher part of the machine, is its core and it fuels two lateral hydraulic cylinders (2) which allow the process. When the hydraulic system starts working, the cylinders push the upper moving part (3) down to the die parts, placed in the fixed working table (4). Between the upper and the lower part there are two movable tools, punch and die (5). The interaction between these elements allows the process of bending. Most of the presses have CNC controls (6) for high and accurate performances. The brake pedal (7) starts the entire process. partipressa


Both punches and dies are replaceable tools, made for every needs. A huge range of punches in terms of measures and shapes is commercially available so that the user can almost customize the metal bending. Punches can be rounded or shaped, from the most common shapes, such as squares and rectangles, to more complex ones, such as polygons and triangles. Furthermore they can be formed by solid bars or be hollow. These last ones are generally used with previously shaped sheets, in fact the hollow part allows further folds.